Wrestling’s Romantics:Beautiful Battlefield: April Hunter vs. Ariel

Wrestling’s Romantics:Beautiful Battlefield

Round 1 Match 1
April Hunter vs. Ariel
The battle lines have been drawn and the blueprints of war have been laid for this summer’s Women’s Tournament of Female Fury; The Tribute to Wrestling’s Romantics, the Beautiful Battlefield as it has come to been known. We find ourselves in one of the most intense parts of anything, the very beginning. Tonight’s match-up is going to be the very first in a string of three rounds. The Declaration of Independents proudly presents to you this wrestling contest from the old home of Jersey All-Pro Wrestling, the Charity Hall in Bayonne, NJ. It is a venue that both competitors, along with the referee and this writer know quite well. We hope you all enjoy tonight’s event as the new enchanting technician Ariel laces her boots up vs. the deliciously vicious April Hunter.

“C’est La Vie” hits the P.A. system in Bayonne, NJ and Ariel comes crashing through the Declaration of Independents curtain in the frame of a scroll. Entering the arena in her pink pants and white sports bra with black border, she electrifies the packed Hall with her fan-favorite smiling and intensity. She jumps into the ring and pumps up the volume even more by fascinating the crowd by standing on the turnbuckles facing them, waiting for her opponent.

The music for her opponent then hits. A completely different tone is set as Ludacris’ “Move, Bitch!” echoes in the Charity Hall. April Hunter and Slyk Wagner Brown walk through the entrance on cue and waste no time with the mind games as they automatically stare down her lovely opponent. Hunter and Brown enter the ring in their teasingly sexual signature style as April slides over Slyk and then the tensing and the flexing of the muscles begin right as the music simmers down and Mr. Steve D’Angelis introduces the pin-up warriors. The referee for this evening, and tournament, D.O.I. Senior Official ‘The One Eight Reffen’ Sean Hanson.

With both lovely competitors in the ring waiting for the bell, D.O.I. senior official Ref Hanson services his right to ‘hate and not appreciate” Slyk Wagner Brown when he orders him to the back. A livid Slyk is calmed only by the approval of April Hunter who spilled to the outside to reassure her acquaintance that she needs and can do this herself. During this ‘pre-game meeting’, a restless Ariel hopped off the top turnbuckle that she was laying on since the introductions began. Anxiously waiting to start off the match, Ariel was looking around at the crowded venue from the far corner away from the aisle where April and Slyk were talking and while holding tightly onto the top rope with both hands she started pounding her right foot into the mat.echoing through the Hall. Soon, the clapping hands of Jersey progressively get louder and fill the Charity Hall from wall to wall with the rhythm Ariel had started. With the clapping at it’s climax, April and Slyk give each other the Power Pound and SWB turns to go to the back while April turns to re-enter the ring which signals Ref Hanson to call for the bell. Just as April turns towards the apron, Ariel runs against the far ropes and back to the near-side executing a side-corkscrew splash in between the top two ropes crashing April to the ground. Ariel then shoots up playing to the applause and bangs on the apron to gain momentum to an already loud roar before rolling in the ring under the bottom rope.

As April gets to her feet in shock of how things caught her by surprise by how the match started, Ariel is on the apron behind her and jumps off the top rope hitting a springboard bulldog variation that had Hunter’s face driven into her knee. Her muscular opponent, however, just goes down to one knee. Ariel then runs against the ropes behind the kneeling opponent and hits a tradition bulldog driving April’s face into the ground, but the force pops April’s body up on her knees. In a final attempt, Ariel runs at full speed to the ropes trying to connect with another bulldog but instead receives an elevating palm strike under the jaw from a rising and turning April Hunter. For the first time since before the match started, April has a moment to stretch her huge muscles that need the stretching, to snap the kinks out of her neck and to gain her thoughts and control of the match.

The Huntress, pacing the match now at her own very methodical bass line bends down and rings a fistful of Ariel’s hair around her hand. She picks her up from the ground with a scream of anguish from Ariel, which is soon muffled by the top turnbuckle. April Hunter smashed Ariel’s face into that top turnbuckle by her hair still wrapped around her fist before she dragged her to the next and did the same with all four corner top turnbuckles. Just when it looked as if it was over, April dragged Ariel around again to smash her face on all four middle turnbuckles and then lower turnbuckles before she let loose of her hair and left Ariel seemingly lifeless on the mat. Ref Hanson physically pleaded with April to back up to the corner and he checked on Ariel to see if she could continue. He backed up with the thumbs up and crossed his arms to signal to continue the match. As April continued the methodical pace of her walk towards the fallen Ariel, Ariel has made the way to a sitting position and was backing up by pushing backwards towards the turnbuckles behind her. As Ariel starts to pick herself up by the ropes she leaves an opening where April kicks her pinpoint in her left ribcage that sinks her back onto the floor. April stands her up against the turnbuckles to measure her for a succession of elbow smashes to the neck before a vicious reverse knife edge chop that sends Ariel walking across the ring to the opposite set of turnbuckles in pain. After stalking her to the corner April sends Ariel back to the first corner with an Irish whip which impact sends Ariel once again to the canvas. Picking her smaller opponent up by the hair again, April elevates Ariel high into the air with a gorilla press which pushes her opponent up and down over head repeatedly before she tossed Ariel face first into the turnbuckle only to be greeted with a running lariet straight into the neck as she turned around. She headed for the nearest corner and climbed to the top rope blasting Ariel with a cannonball leg drop and covered Ariel with no hesitation. A demanding kick out as Hanson hit the canvas for the second time by Ariel. A veteran move by the young Ariel, she rolls to her stomach so that April doesn’t go for a quick second pin attempt. As Ariel is trying to get her wind back April interrupts it by dropping a hard knee into the back of her neck and grinds it back and forth violently. An effortless yet brilliant strategy that again keeps on working on Ariel’s neck while the bigger wrestler, April, also conserves her own energy. With her knee still driven in the back of Ariel’s neck, April reaches for her opponents legs and cross them behind her. Still holding the legs, April stands up and hooks them with one of her own and crashes down on Ariel into an STF position. Not only is this a devastating submission, but the difference of bodyweight of April on Ariel is so dominating that it adds that much more to the punishment. Even more so, April positioned her body on top of Ariel’s back where Hanson’s position would see only April’s front arm and back and not the hand that is pulling ferociously on the hair of Ariel. April’s hair pulling strategy is unbelievably innovative in that it’s not to sneak in an unfair advantage, but to indirectly add strain on the back of the head/neck of Ariel, the area she’s chosen to work this match.

After half a minute of the hold, April released it, completely hiding the hair pull. Allowing Ariel get up on her own, April waited for her to get to her feet. She then walked to her and clinched one of the most forceful full nelson’s that pushed Ariel’s chin into her own chest. After grinding in the nelson and shaking the smaller opponent like a doll April bent her knees and clocked Ariel with a bridging Dragon Suplex right on the back of her head. Hanson hits the mat; One, Two.TWO! Bayonne’s intensity was evident.

If April was surprised, she didn’t show it for a second but instead was thinking back to her game plan before she rose. Then she picked up Ariel with a look in her eyes as if it was now all going to end. April picked up Ariel into a bending position into a double under-hook/butterfly position and lifts her up for a Tiger Driver! No! Ariel reversed it in mid-move with a hurricanrana. The crowd is in shock! Not only did she reverse the move so amazingly, but she kept her legs in the head scissors around April. She pushes back up with her arms with April indeed still in that head scissors and performs another hurricanrana from the floor, which sends April out to the floor. This powder out allows Ariel more than April to get back her strength and breath. Wrenching on her own neck trying to get the agony out of it Ariel fights the pain. She still tries to stretch it out by putting her head under the top turnbuckle and pushing up. Ariel sees April getting up from the corner of her eye and climbs up to the top rope as Hanson stops the ten count starts the five count. She vaults herself onto April and spins her into a Tornado DDT which drives Aprils throat into the barricade. Ariel then turns to fisticuffs until she breaks the ten count by sliding under the bottom rope and then back out onto the apron. Ref Hanson turns her around and tells her get back to the ring but in the middle of his yelling she moonsaults back into a leg drop connecting right on with the ‘Drop the Bomb’ (for reference, see 2 Cold Scorpio). Ariel then picks up Aril and whips her with momentum into the barricade by the corner of the ring. She runs at full speed ahead and jumps before reaching April, landing her feet on barricade behind her and then jumping off executing a hurricanrana that sent April diving into the ring post. Ariel turns April around against the post and starts in with her high and strong kicks that reflect on her old soccer days. After eight strikes that connected on alternate sides of the face, April caught one of the kicks over her massive left arm and picked her up in another press slam position. April tossed her back into the ring over the top rope from that press position but Ariel switched in mid-air and flew back outside feet first in between the bottom two ropes and caught her opponent with yet another flying head scissor into the barricade. This was followed by repetitive whips from the barricade to the apron and back again.

Ariel can’t help but look around and be flattered by the deafening ovation that the Charity Hall of Bayonne has given her. She gives a solid front kick to April Hunter who is leaning against the April and then throws April’s arm over the back of her neck and hooks her leg. Fisherwoman’s Brainbuster onto the apron! She pushes April deeper onto the canvas from the outside and elevates herself to the apron. Ariel jumps to the top rope and springboards off of her knees into a rolling leg drop! Cover. One. Two. TWO!!! The feet stomping and applause of the crowd has reached the next level after that kick out. Ariel picks up April who is now getting to her feet very slowly. Ariel drives April into the corner with an over the shoulder spear. With no wasted time or motion Ariel turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex where her pin form is a headstand, which adds pressure to her opponents shoulders. After the two April’s foot reaches the ropes. Without releasing the hold Ariel picks up and executes another Northern Lights but flips over April after landing it picking her up for another one, still keeping the position. After the second Northern Lights (post-pin attempt) she continues the Chain Northern Sequence but-REVERSAL- INTO THE HEAD HUNTER neck breaker that bounces Ariel’s head off the mat. April falls on Ariel for a hard cover hooking the near leg. One. Two. Three! It’s over. Ref Hanson rushes to Ariel’s attention to see if she’s OK before he goes to raise April’s hand in victory, who was herself laying against the bottom turnbuckle in the corner. With Hanson rushing from awesome competitor to awesome competitor, the two gradually get to their feet, April Hunter at a quicker speed. She meets the rising Ariel with a big hug of appreciation and raise each others hands on all four sides of the ring with Hanson behind them leading with the loudest praise of applause then anybody in the Hall which was amplified louder than eleven even without his help.

Ladies and gentlemen, wrestling at it’s finest and it’s finesse, April Hunter and Ariel. Your winner for the first bracket of this tournament is April Hunter.

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